Why Brunch? Here are 7 Good Reasons

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the three meals no one skips. Brunch, however, tends to get forgotten about. During the workweek, there isn’t much time for brunch since you’re probably at work. On the weekends, during vacations, and when you have any time off, however, brunch is the best meal of the day. Read below to learn why brunch shouldn’t be forgotten.

No Getting Up Early

Brunch is halfway between breakfast and lunch, so there’s no need to get up early. In fact, brunch can even be done a little bit later. Skip the alarm clock, sleep in a while, and then take your time getting up and ready for the day. Don’t rush through it. Just enjoy the morning, then start cooking or head out to enjoy brunch at a favorite restaurant. It’s all about relaxing and taking your time.

Sweet and Savory Options to Try

There’s a ton of food that’s perfect for brunch, including some meals that just might not fit in anywhere else. Craving a steak? Combine it with eggs and a bowl of fresh fruit for a perfect brunch. Pancakes, bacon, egg sandwiches, and many other options are great for brunch. Plus, it’s easy to combine sweet and savory options, so you can enjoy pancakes with delicious syrup and homestyle potatoes. Anything goes during brunch.

Eat as Much as You Want – Guilt-Free

When you go to brunch, you get to eat two meals in one, so there’s no need to worry about eating too much. A combination of breakfast and lunch, you’ll be free to eat just about anything you want and as much as you want, since it will be a while until snack time or dinner. If you’re worried about eating too much at one time, remember that you’re eating two meals, so what looks like a lot, likely wouldn’t be if it was split between breakfast and lunch.

Plenty of Drink Options

Along with plenty of delicious options for food, there’s a lot you can drink as well. Coffee connoisseurs will love being able to take their time making the perfect cup of coffee or enjoying something special if they’re heading out for brunch. Those who enjoy adult beverages will love the options for brunch, like mimosas. Since brunch starts a little later in the day, adult drinks are perfectly acceptable.

Brunch is Easy and Fun to Make

Ready to do brunch at home? Along with taking your time, there’s plenty of options to cook, and you can make it as easy or elaborate as you’d like. Now might be the time to learn how to make French toast, to try out pancake art, or to find a way to use homemade jam. Play around with the recipes and have fun. Since you’re not in a rush, there’s plenty of time to try out new things or make old favorites you can’t wait to enjoy again.

Great Time to Get Together

Dinner is often hard to do since people eat at different times, have different work schedules, and have different preferences for where to go. Lunch is often hard because of work hours. Breakfast is just way too early to meet with others. So, when is a good time to get together and enjoy a meal with friends? Brunch could be the perfect option. There’s no need to get up early, it’s easier to schedule a time that works for everyone, and there’s plenty of options for food and drinks, so everyone will enjoy the meal.

No Need to Rush and Eat

During the workweek, there’s a lot of rushing. You rush to get breakfast ready and eat it, rush through your lunch break, rush to get home and make dinner or pick something up. With a weekend brunch, there is no rushing. There’s no need to hurry and make the food or get to a restaurant before it fills up with people. Instead, take a slow and steady pace. Spend time cooking the food if you’re doing brunch at home, then sit and enjoy the meal instead of just rushing through to get to the next thing on your to-do list.

Easily forgotten, brunch is still one of the best meals of the day. Whether you’d like to play around and try out new foods, enjoy a good meal after sleeping in on the weekends, or find the perfect time to get together with friends, brunch is a great option. Start looking for the perfect restaurant or recipes to make now and set a time to try out brunch.

And speaking of the perfect restaurant, most cities and towns have a lot of great brunch options. One of the best places for brunch in Richmond Va where we live is the Fancy Biscuit. Some of the pictures above are from there. Another great local brunch spot is Helens RVA. Search specifically for brunch options in your town and you might be surprised at how many excellent places you find that you might not have known about.