We are all master landscape designers in our own minds. It really doesn’t seem like rocket science to plant a few bushes, put down some mulch, and Viola! A perfect yard! And frankly, for most people this is just fine. But lets say you just bought a new home or maybe changed the profile of your yard by adding a pool or outdoor kitchen and really want to make a statement with a strikingly beautiful yard. The best option by far is to hire a landscape designer.

A professional designer comes with a broad range of services, with each tailorable to the needs of every individual client. The biggest advantage of hiring a designer is the avoidance of expensive mistakes. It can be quite costly to redo landscaping work that is already in place.

In addition to creating eye-catching beauty in your yard, designers are trained to maximize available yard space, often creating lots of additional space for outdoor enjoyment. This space might include a trampoline, outdoor kitchen or fireplace, a fire pit, a play area, a retaining wall, or even a new deck or patio. Experienced designers will either draw out or generate a diagram using computer software, providing you with a lot of options and ideas in a visually friendly way. They will take into account your budget and aspirations and future visions to create something that can grow and expand as you add to the yard over time.

A friend in the landscape design business advised me that prices for designers range from 2 or 3 hundred to well over a thousand depending on the size and complexity of your yard, but most run in the 500 to 600 neighborhood.

No matter what you are after, a good designer can build it into a striking layout, whether it be a quiet cozy nook, beautiful flowers, an area attractive to wildlife, or an entertainment paradise.

If you want more detail on some different types of designers or architects, check out this site for a better definition.