Are they worth the money?

Outdoor kitchens are highly popular right now for a number of reasons. Whether you want to get outside more or you love entertaining outdoors when the weather is perfect, you may be thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. This could be a valuable investment, but as with everything, there are pros and cons to consider before starting.

Outdoor Kitchens


With an outdoor kitchen, it’s likely you’ll spend more time outdoors. The right space, with the appliances you need, will mean you can cook outdoors whenever the weather is nice. Instead of being in the kitchen and eating at the kitchen table, you can cook outdoors while the kids play, then enjoy a fantastic, fresh meal together.

Cooking outside can allow you to save on utility costs. Since you won’t be cooking inside, you won’t use the stove, the electricity, or the HVAC during dinner and while relaxing afterward. If you enjoy entertaining, the cost savings can add up since everyone will be hanging out in the yard instead of inside the home.

With outdoor kitchens gaining in popularity, it can add to the value of the home. If you’re planning on selling in a few years, the outdoor kitchen could lead to higher offers than you would otherwise expect. People want to be able to enjoy the time outdoors, and having a kitchen already built-in can be an added bonus that makes the home more desirable.

Having an outdoor kitchen and eating outdoors can mean that there’s less of a mess to clean up inside the home. Grills are easy to clean, and they don’t create a sink full of dishes by the end of the night. With an outdoor sink and plumbing, you don’t even have to carry everything inside to clean. Plastic plates and cups can be stored outdoors, so you can wash and put them away. You won’t have to worry about doing as many dishes at the end of the night or about washing the whole kitchen.


Just because you want to spend more time outside doesn’t mean it will go as planned. You may end up not entertaining as much as you thought or finding that it’s just easier to cook indoors. This does depend on the setup for the outdoor kitchen. If you have to keep going inside for drinks or condiments because there’s nowhere to keep them outside, it becomes more of a hassle to use the outdoor kitchen.

The decrease in expenses does depend on the appliances. Electric or gas appliances will still count against utility bills. Propane or charcoal grills, on the other hand, won’t. If you have outdoor appliances that always require energy, like an outdoor refrigerator, you may find that you spend a little more money every month to keep it running. This is usually negligible, but it is something to consider.

Though the kitchen can add to the value of the home, it can also be expensive to install. The expense does depend on whether there is already space for it, the appliances purchased, the extravagance of the design, and a lot more. A smaller budget may not be as expensive, but before you look into the cost-saving measures you can take, it is a good idea to make sure you aren’t cutting anything that would make the kitchen more enjoyable.

Though it is easier to clean up the outdoor kitchen, there is the downside of bugs and other pests. During the summer months, bugs may be plentiful, depending on your location. This can damper the fun of eating outside. Bugs can also appear after you’re done eating if the area isn’t cleaned, as ants and flies will quickly find any tiny piece of food to eat. On top of this, it’s possible for other pests to smell the food and wander into the yard in search of something to eat.

In Summary

Outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity, so you may have thought about having one installed for your home. Before you do, however, take time to think about whether this is the right option. Then, you can look into the various appliances you may need as well as start to think about the layout and everything you’ll need to start enjoying some of your meals outside.