Sometimes we wonder whether it was all 
a fantastic dream, those Hugo years.  It seems 
improbable that the universe's gift of unintentional comedy 
was dropped right in our laps for so long.  For years, the 
legend of Hugo was only spoken of in whispers--was it real 
or some urban myth grown preposterously out of control?
We're finally here to tell you that the legend is true. 
All of it. The time has finally come to share 
these stories with the world!

NEW! Adventure #53:
"Leave Your Message After the Song"

Adventure #58:
"The Cruel Laws of Physics"

Adventure #7:
"Plastic Makes Perfect"

Adventure #26:

Adventure #29:
"The Greeley Idol"

Adventure #19:
"Quarter Flippin' Bastards!"

Adventure #68:
"Pizza Drama!"

Adventure #41:
"Halloween Special"

Adventure #13:
"Would You Like a Date with That?"

Adventure #32:
"Single White Hugo"

Adventure #17:
"What's My Name, Bitch?"

Adventure #57:
"Tickle Me Hugo"

Adventure #51:
"The Legacy of Buttons"

Adventure #14:
"Make Denim, Not War!"

Adventure #27:
"I Wonder if Nick Needs 
a Roommate?"



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All artwork is 2004 and onwards by zer0 (Peter Branting)
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