Q: So who is this Hugo guy?

 A: Hugo was Ken's college roommate for two years.

 Q: Um, who the hell is Ken?

 A: Ken is NA!P staff even though he's hardly
 done crap for several years.  Now stick to the
 Hugo questions.

 Q: Okay, but who are the John and Dave who
 also appear in the Hugo stories?

 A: They were also Ken and Hugo's roommates,
 and John and Dave contributed a lot of the Hugo
 material that you read on NA!P.

 Q: How did Ken come to room with Hugo?

 A: Hugo and John had been random suite-mates
 the year before Ken joined them at college. During
 Ken's first year at UNC, John was Ken's roommate,
 and Hugo lived down the hall. The following year,
 the three moved in together, and Dave joined them
 the following year.

 Q: Is Hugo real?

 A: Yes, Hugo is real.

 Q: Are the Hugo stories true?

 A: Yes, the stories are true.  Some of the
 unimportant details may have changed a bit with
 the retellings over the years, but the heart of each
 story is true.  Sad to say.

 Q: Why is Hugo so weird?

 A: If we knew that, we'd probably all be wealthy
 psychiatrists or something.

 Q: Does Ken still keep in touch with Hugo?

 A: Yes, Ken talks to him about once a year or so.

Q: Does Hugo know about the web page?

 A: Hugo has never been much of an internet or
 email user, so it is doubtful he knows about it. Even
 so, there is nothing in the Hugo stories that Hugo
 hasn't heard told and retold in front of him again
 and again.

 Q: What was it like living with Hugo for
 two years?

 A: Ken's therapist says that he shouldn't talk
 about it.

 Q: Is Hugo single?

 A: Sorry, ladies.  Hugo is a married man now.

 Q: You mean someone would actually marry
 this incarnation of George Constanza?

 A: Yes, and he appears to be happily married. At
 least, that's what he tells Ken. His wife does not
 speak English, so Ken had to rely on Hugo to
 "translate."  For all Ken knows, Hugo's wife may
 have been saying, "Help me, please. He's holding
 me against my will."


Hugo who?

Written material is 2004 and onwards by Ken Hughes
All artwork is 2004 and onwards by zer0 (Peter Branting)
All Hugo material supplied by John, Dave, and Ken