Adventure #7:
"Plastic Makes Perfect"

One weekend, Hugo returned to the apartment
from visiting his mother, who lived about 30 miles
away. When we asked how the visit went, Hugo
said that it was okay but that one thing always
bugged him when he went home: Hugo's mom
would forbid him from using metal forks at the
table and would always make Hugo use
plastic forks.

While this may be a good cautionary practice
for, say, retarded children, it didn't make much
sense for a 22-year-old man. When your mother
doesn't trust you to use the real forks along with
everyone else, that's pretty bad.

You'll put your eye out!

Written material is 2004 and onwards by Ken Hughes
All artwork is 2004 and onwards by zer0 (Peter Branting)
All Hugo material supplied by John, Dave, and Ken