Adventure #57:
"Tickle Me Hugo"

Our roommate John had a girlfriend named Amy 
who was often around our apartment. Hugo and 
Amy got along fairly well, and she tormented him 
as much as the rest of us. One time, Hugo and 
Amy were sitting on the couch, and Amy decided 
to start tickling Hugo.  This proved to be wildly 
successful since Hugo is one of the most ticklish 
people anywhere.  Hugo started laughing and tried 
to squirm away from Amy, but she was relentless.
Suddenly, she was on top of him, tickling like mad.
Hugo started shrieking with laughter, begging her 
to stop. This only encouraged Amy all the more.
We all thought it was hilarious and gathered in 
the room to watch. 

Finally, Amy, sitting on Hugo, tickled the poor guy 
so much that the pressure built to a climax . . . 
Hugo unwittingly let out this monster fart in front 
of everyone in the room.
While this certainly got 
Amy off of Hugo, it definitely did not stop our 


Written material is 2004 and onwards by Ken Hughes
All artwork is 2004 and onwards by zer0 (Peter Branting)
All Hugo material supplied by John, Dave, and Ken