Adventure #29:
"The Greeley Idol"

One day Hugo had his door closed, and John's
then-girlfriend Amy busted in on him. We heard
Amy scream and start laughing, and then she
screamed again. It turns out that Hugo was
listening to music and singing into his hair brush, 
and Amy had caught him. This was Amy's first
scream. Needless to say, Hugo freaked out.
Supposedly, during the freak out session, Hugo
ran up to Amy and grabbed her breasts while
trying to get her out of the room. This was Amy's
second scream. So then Hugo not only had to
explain why he was singing into his hair brush
but also why he copped a feel on his
roommate's girlfriend.

"...A big, bright, shiny star!"

Written material is 2004 and onwards by Ken Hughes
All artwork is 2004 and onwards by zer0 (Peter Branting)
All Hugo material supplied by John, Dave, and Ken