Who and What is No Apologies Press?

I would extend an apology for our site name, but that would be going against our mandate so I won’t do that. Instead I will tell you who we are and what we are about.

As a small group of writers and publishers, we come from a diverse set of backgrounds all related in some way to writing and with the mutual desire to leave the world a little better than how we found it. Our vehicle for that improvement is in the written word. All four of us, in the time we spent together at local coffee shops and restaurants, felt our writing in some way improved the lives of our readers, whether it was in conveying recipes, technical guides on product usage, fiction, or a variety of other things. Of course this is kind of a general principal that would apply to most everyone in this industry, though I recon many do it simply as a means of income or because they are required to and without the passion of others.

In our time together at the afore mentioned locations, we would prattle on for hours, focused on stories by authors we were currently reading, discussing style, tone, and a variety of other literary components. Over time, our focus moved more toward articles or news stories we read with an eye toward missing pieces or lack of truthfulness. To us this was extremely stimulating. To others sitting near us, it was evidently not quite as stimulating give the frequency they would get up and move to another table. Anyway, one thing that stood out to us was the difficulty in distinguishing between truth and fiction in articles we were reading. We went for a period of time where one person was tasked with bringing in a article and the four of us would look at it with a critical eye toward finding the areas we felt inadequate supporting evidence was applied. It turned out this happened with alarming frequency. It was a lot of fun and a worthwhile exercise as it forced all of us to sharpen our skills when penning these types of writings.

We decided our site should pay homage to the origins of the printed word, hence the Johannes Gutenberg references in our pictures on this first page.

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Johannes Gutenberg

Gutenberg’s First Press

A Modern Press

We will include an About Us page which will provide a little background about our humble group and how we came to this point. I will say here that we are all retired but still driven to write. The issue is that we all enjoy writing about different things, hence the site name, which is more a reference to the lack of cohesion we anticipate on the site than anything related to stuff we might actually have to apologize for writing!

That brings me to what we are actually thinking here. We love doing analysis and all have areas of interest that appeal to us so we decided to put together a site where we could each just let our creative juices flow, and in the process provide valuable information for our readers. We all have a reasonably large social media following and are frequently getting questions soliciting opinions on various topics. Given our recent abundance of time, we are all excited about being able to cut loose in a totally free-form environment, untethered from prying critical eyes and free to write unconstrained. It is unclear to any of us what direction the site will go in, but we are excited to venture into the unknown! Most of the topics we will write about are ones we were asked about by our social media followers and will not follow any kind of a theme. Nonetheless we hope you enjoy reading the articles and get something out of them.

To link to our articles, either click on the links at the top or below. We hope you find something of interest.


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